Auditions for 'The Voice 2013 Australia' have now opened.
Submit your auditions via youtube! By now you should all have a  youtube account so start putting up some singing videos. DO NOT CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK! This is the most important lesson I have learnt as a singer. If you care too much, you will get scared of criticism and will never be truly free. If you don't get selected, IT DOES NOT MATTER! What matters is that you TOOK ACTION and actually posted a video. Reward yourself for DOING SOMETHING, rather than the result.

The link for the voice australia is here:

Entries close mid september 2012 but start getting your videos prepared. As always, if you need help, feel free to email me if you are a public person, or if you are a one of my students then let me know that you are auditioning that I can help you pick some songs that will suit your voice.

Hmmm. that gives me an idea on another video idea...."how to choose the correct song for your voice".  I'll save that for next time as I am currently uploading a video to youtube and I don't think my mac can handle it.


27/11/2012 8:31am

chris opetaia
21/03/2013 11:05am

I dont have a youtube account .i just want to audition what do i do.?

Kenny Cheng
21/03/2013 1:45pm

Apparently you dont need a youtube account! You can submit it straight to their website, but it does help to have a 'portfolio' of yourself singing. it gives the judges a better idea of who you are. (it's a TV show remember).
However, I think the auditions for 2013 have closed already :(


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